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How Do I Backup PS2 Games?
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PS2 game discs come in 2 different formats:


  1. Put your PS2 disc into source CD-ROM/DVD-ROM. Then Using Alcohol 120% Image Making Wizard.

  2. Please choose datatype as Playstation 2, then starting making image file.

  3. If you have writer, you can burn this image file to CD-R But please pay attention as you must choose datatype as Playstation 2.

PS2 DVD (Note: Some PS2 DVD Game Discs are protected by CSS if your disc does not have this protection skip to #2)

  1. Alcohol 120% doesn't support DeCSS function, so you must use another software to DeCSS like AnyDVD.
    Put your PS2 DVD Disc into your DVD-ROM, then running AnyDVD, choose source DVD-ROM.

  2. After bypassing the CSS protection (if applicable) on your PS2 game, use Alcohol 120% Image Making Wizard to make an image file. (You don't need to choose a Datatype) Take your burned back up disc put it in your chipped/bootdisc option Playstation and have fun, put your expensive original back in its box and in a safe place ready for if the kids manage to destroy your not so expensive back-up.

Note: This will only work if you have a modchip or another Mod system installed. No software is capable of making a backup of a PS2 game that does not require a modchip or other hardware Mod.

Other Notes:

The primary copy protection on a Sony PlayStation uses bad blocks on the CD. Most consumer CD recorders automatically fix a bad block before writing it to the CD-R. The PlayStation searches for the bad blocks and won't run the game if they exist.

As a secondary protection, all games are manufactured with a country code. If the country code on the game doesn't match that of the PlayStation, the game won't load

You can play a backup game on earlier versions of the PlayStation by first booting with an original PlayStation disk, then swapping it for the backup.

The only other way to play a non-working backup is to add a modchip to your PlayStation so that you fool it into thinking the backup has the proper country code and bad blocks.

Click here to see this tutorial with detailed screenshots.

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