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Home > DVD Authoring/Video Editing > Ulead VideoStudio

Ulead VideoStudio - DVD Movie Making For Everyone. Capture and Edit Video for Burning to DVD!

Ulead VideoStudio 10 Plus Sit in the director's chair and take charge of the whole movie production with Ulead® VideoStudio™ 11.

Ulead® VideoStudio™ 11 is a complete video-editing tool that lets you create memorable movies everybody will want to watch. Grab DVD-ready video straight from your DV/D8 camcorder. If you've never edited a movie before, make one in three easy steps using the new Movie Wizard mode. Trim video, add your own soundtrack, create compelling titles and drop in stunning effects using an easy-to-learn interface.  Share finished movies on tape, e-mail, the Web and even burn your own high-quality VCDs, SVCDs and DVDs. Unmatched stability, high-speed rendering and real-time performance mean less waiting and more time for creating.

Easy to Learn and Use

Ulead VideoStudio is filled with an extensive set of tools to edit your home movies. And, if you've never edited a movie before, make one in three easy steps using the new Movie Wizard. The included Video Tutorial, Quick Start Guide, and the free Guide to Shooting Great Videos gives you plenty of tips and tricks that are sure to get you up and running in no time!

Video Editing Is Easy. We'll Show You How

Included are the following: an Video Tutorial, a FREE How to Book: A Guide to Shooting Great Videos, and a handy Quick Start Guide. Also included FREE video and audio clips, bonus 3D software: COOL 3D 3SE and access to online tutorials and user communities to get you up and running.

Unlimited Creative Possibilities

Enhance your movies with special effects. Add overlay video and graphics. Pan & zoom on pictures. Create thousands of custom transitions. Add spice with animated titles. Make DVDs with vibrant menus.

Generate Custom Music Automatically

Using award-winning SmartSound™ technology, the auto music maker gives you soundtracks that perfectly fit your movie's length and mood, from classical to corporate to heavy metal.

Capture Video

Grab video from camcorders, PC cameras, TV tuners and VCRs. VideoStudio automatically detects what type of video you're capturing, saving you time getting it into your computer.

  • Easily transfer video from DV/D8/Hi8 camcorders, VCRs, PC cameras and TV tuner cards

  • Save time and disk space by capturing DVD-ready MPEG video straight from your camcorder or other device

  • Automatically split captured video scenes into separate easy-to-manage files

  • Scan your DV/D8 tape and select the parts you want. Then batch capture the clips with a click of the mouse

  • Use Batch Capture to capture only the video scenes you want to keep, saving you editing time and computer hard drive space

  • Scene Detection scans and automatically separates your footage into clips based on the start and stop times of your camcorder

Edit Video and DVDUlead Video Studio Screenshot

Have fun editing. Trim and organize your video clips, then add a soundtrack and voice narration. Include titles and add special effects you pick from from over 190 customizable transitions and filters.

  • Get artistic with more than 700 effects, video frames and graphics. Compose thousands of soundtracks with the auto music maker

  • Flow from scene to scene with over 190 Hollywood-style transitions

  • 30 customizable filters for touching up video and adding creative effects

  • Animate text along motion paths for stunning results

  • Add voice narration, plus create soundtracks from favorite music CDs & MP3 files

  • More Video Filters, Objects and Frames, Effects and Transitions - the Duotone Filter is perfect for creating scene flashbacks. While the new Diffuse Glow Filter is ideal for a dream-like appearance. You'll feel just like you are turning a book filled with memories with the Album Transition.

  • Overlay video, images and 3D titles onto your movies for brilliant picture-in-picture effects

  • Preview editing changes in real-time at pixel-perfect, full video resolution

  • Arrange clips and add transitions with drag-and-drop ease using Storyboard layout

  • Edit audio, video and titles with frame-level accuracy in Timeline mode

  • Create one-of-a-kind DVD menus with drag-and-drop ease! Choose from over 10,000 menu style combinations.

  • Add titles, frames and buttons to create a multitude of customized menus that you can use again and again. 

  • Pan & Zoom on Pictures. Make slideshows more than just a series of still images. Add a soundtrack and zoom in and out of pictures or make your photos look as if a camera is moving across them.

Share your DVD videos

VideoStudio lets you share videos with family and friends on VHS tape, streaming Web media, video e-mail, DVD, VCD, or SVCD. In the Share step, simply choose your options and VideoStudio will output the best format that's right for you.

  • Produce videos for CD, DVD, tape, e-mail and Internet streaming

  • Record video back to DV/D8 tape for showing on TV or recording to VHSUlead VideoStudio

  • Supports AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Windows® Media™, RealVideo®, QuickTime® and more

DVD/Video CD Authoring Wizard

Into sharing on disc? VideoStudio has you covered. You can burn your videos to CD or DVD and play them on you DVD player. Create your own unique DVD videos, complete with intros, chapters, and interactive menus.

  • With ready-made templates, build interactive scene menus in just a few steps

  • Burn discs with CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW and DVD+RW drives

  • Play discs on home DVD players or computers using DVD playback software

And more... check out everything that VideoStudio 11 has to offer!

What's New in VideoStudio 11?

VideoStudio is better than ever. Whether you're new to VideoStudio or a veteran, you'll appreciate the new Video Tutorial to teach you the basics of capturing, editing and how to best share your video projects with the world. Plus you get the following new features:

  • PureHD™ - Make the most of your HD camcorder, widescreen TV and surround sound system. Easily capture, edit, author, output and playback high-definition videos with the best quality picture and sound.

  • True Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound - With Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, your home movies will sound like you're in a movie theater. Click once to automatically create surround sound tracks. Surround steering and panning capabilities allow for precise sound placement.

  • Native HD Editing with Smart Proxy - Edit HD content as easily as standard definition, even on mid-range machines. Proxy files are created automatically for you to edit, and always refer back to the original high-resolution files. Output productions in full-resolution HD.

  • Faster Program Start-up and Editing - Shorter launch time for the wizards and main editor means less waiting so you can start editing right away. The program is also much more responsive while editing, previewing and selecting clips.

  • Flexible User Interface - The new user interface is much more flexible, and allows you to position the Preview Window on the left or right. Other new UI features include a surround sound mixer for Dolby® Digital 5.1 and an Audio Waveform Display for easy synching, editing to music and volume adjustment. .

  • Timeline Chapter Point Bar - Add title chapter points directly to the timeline, for a more intuitive way to set DVD navigation.

  • Multiple Overlay Tracks - Create sophisticated picture-in-picture and montage effects with up to six overlay tracks. Apply dynamic spinning motion to overlay clips as they enter and exit the frame.

  • New Video Filters - The Anti-Shake filter stabilizes video for better looking movies. The Enhance Lighting filter lightens clips that are too dark, and the Fish Eye filter applies a rounded, bubble-like distortion to your video clips.

  • High-Definition Authoring - Author HD DVD discs with amazing image and sound quality to play on next generation playback devices.

  • New Menu Styles -  SmartScene and Text-based menus are two new professional menu styles. Other new features on the DVD authoring side include Menu Transitions that segue smoothly between menus and DVD content, and Menu filters , which allow you to create movement even on static menus.

  • AccuCut in Multi-Trim Editor - AccuCut Editing with Timeline Zoom lets you quickly find any frame for trimming, even in long video clips. More precise than before.

  • Ad-Zapper - Automatically detect commercials in TV programs for easy removal. DV Quick Scan - Now you can save and load scene information for future recapturing, eliminating the

  • need to rescan. You can also print the DV tape scene digests for reference.

  • MPEG-4 and DivX support - Output templates for creating video for iPod®s, PSP™s, Smartphones, PDAs and other portable devices. Import and export DivX with the appropriate codec.

  • InterVideo® WinDVD® Player for free! - Share all your HD and standard definition video right from your computer.

  • Program Support and Compatibility - In addition to full high-definition support, you get full Digital TV and mobile device support. Greater device compatibility for USB camcorder device control and JVC® hard drive camcorder MOD file format support.

Also available: Ulead VideoStudio 11 Plus which adds iPod and PSP support, WinDVD Player, Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, Ad-Zapper, HDV support and more.

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Ulead DVD VideoStudio Awards and Accolades

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