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I Copy DVDs 2  Standard Edition

Protect the investment you've made in your movie collection with ICOPYDVDs2. We all know how easily DVDs are scratched or damaged so why worry about a lost or ruined movie again when you can make make DVD backups! ICOPYDVDs2 creates perfect backup copies of your DVD movies, allowing you to keep your originals safe.

I Copy DVDs 2 contains all you need to copy a full-length DVD movie (DVD9) to a single DVD, including menus, special features, and extra languages. The interface is simple and intuitive, just put in your movie, press "copy" and ICOPYDVDs2 makes a backup of your DVD movie in one hour or less! The unique Auto Fit and Auto Burn technology creates the highest quality movie possible on a single disc every time!

ICopyDVDs2 is offered in two editions, the Basic edition allows you to copy the movie portion of the DVD only, while the Standard edition gives you more options to allow you to choose to copy everything on the entire DVD - menus, special features, extra languages, or you can choose to copy only the movie. Whatever program you choose, the quality of your copied DVD movie is exactly same!
ICopyDVDs2 Main Window
ICopyDVDs2 is very easy to use and the quality of the backup DVD movies made is always very good. Plus, with the fastest DVD burn engine available and advanced support for dual layer and high speed (16x+) drives, ICOPYDVDs2 is the best DVD backup software you can buy. And, probably just as important to you, the customer support provided is responsive and helpful, should you ever need any help!

Free Download - Give I Copy DVDs 2 Standard a try!

ICopyDVDs2 DVD Copy Software Features:

  • Copy DVDs to DVDs

  • Fit the entire movie on one disk with DVD Auto Fit technology

  • Copy most movies in an hour of less

  • Option to Omit features

  • Free live technical support and telephone support

  • 60 day Money Back Guarantee

Note: Copying of encrypted discs with ICopyDVDs2 requires DVD ripper software such as DVD43 or AnyDVD..


Free Download

Buy Now!


ICopyDVDs 2 FAQs:

Q: What are the standard writing times for DVD media when using ICopyDVD's2?

A: Normally, you can expect these times with the following speeds: 1x speed disc's = 60 mins + or - 10 mins 2x speed disc's = 30 mins + or - 10 mins 4x speed disc's = 20 mins + or - 10 mins


Q: What drives are not supported by I Copy DVDís 2?

A: I Copy DVDís 2 does not have any unsupported drives. If you are having trouble getting your drive to work with the program please contact Tech Support at 708-349-1400 or at support@icopydvds2.com


Q: Can I backup DVDs which are copy protected?

A: Not all movies are CSS protected. You can use ICOPYDVDs2 to make a backup of a personally authored DVDs and of non-CSS protected public domain works or movies.

If you are legally able to backup DVD's you have purchased and own, you'll need to download and install DVD "ripper" software, which is widely and freely available on the Internet, and use it in conjunction with ICOPYDVDs2. DVD ripper software will allow your computer to read CSS encrypted data on a DVD movie before or during the process of making the backup copy. You can search Google (or another favorite search engine) for one of a dozen or more free DVD rippers. One such free ripper is "DVD43" which most people find is simple to use. After finding and installing it, DVD43 sits in your Windows System Tray and operates quietly in the background during your backup process.

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