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Update (Nov 2008): DVD Xpress has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.  We recommend taking a look at DVD Next Copy which is very similar to DVD Xpress.

DVD Xpress - Make backup copies of entire DVD movies including all menus, features and trailers that fit onto just one blank DVD

In a nutshell, DVDXPress is simply the easiest way to back up your DVD movies*. Just insert the movie and a blank DVD then press Start. Your entire movie - including menus, trailers and special features - is copied to a single DVD in one click. Everything happens automatically with little effort on your part! There is no need to split DVD movies across two DVD discs, unless you choose to do so!

Built on a rock-solid DVD burning engine, DVD XPress goes one step further offering support for most new DVD burners including dual layer DVDs, plus improved DVD burning speed. And, as a licensed user,  free lifetime updates and future software activations will be made available ensuring that the latest DVD burners are supported and your DVD movies can be properly backed up every time!

The Easiest Software to Backup your DVDs!

  • DVDX Xpress is an affordable alternative to DVDXPlatinum

  • Fit your entire DVD movie on to just one disc (No need for 2 discs!!)

  • Burns DVD movies to any blank DVD Disc (DVD +/- R/RW)  including dual layer

  • Backup copy plays on any ordinary home DVD player

  • Constantly updated to support latest DVD burners and blank DVD discs

  • Live Telephone Technical Support

  • Automatically reformats +/- RW discs

  • Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies

  • Simple user interface - everything happens automatically for you!

  • DVD Xpress is DVD ripper free ensuring that this product will never run into any legal problems. (You will however be able to backup your copy protected DVD movies with a small DVD ripper tool like DVDFab HD Decrypter or DVD43)

  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee - If you're not happy for any reason, your money will be gladly refunded!

Trying to choose? Compare DVDXPlatinum, DVDXPress and DVDXGold

*Note: DVDXPress does not copy CSS-encrypted DVDs. A DVD ripper allows your computer to read CSS-encrypted data on a DVD movie before or during the process of making a backup copy. Due to US laws, most DVD backup software does not contain a “ripper” component. However, if you live in a country where your laws allow you to use DVD ripper software, you can utilize  third-party DVD ripper/CSS decrypter software such as DVD43 or DVDFab HD Decrypter in conjunction with DVDXPress.


DVD Xpress FAQs

Q: Does DVD Xpress backup copy protected DVD movies?


A: Many commercial movies are encrypted with CSS, an access control mechanism found on many commercially available DVD movies.

Not all movies are CSS protected. You can use DVDXPlatinum, DVDXGold, DVDXPress or Video Vault to make a backup copy of personally authored DVDs or non-CSS protected public domain works or movies.

In order to backup DVD movies which are CSS protected, additional DVD software is required. Such software lets your computer read CSS encrypted data on a DVD movie before/during the process of making a backup copy.

Unfortunately, current interpretation of laws in some countries, including the US, prohibits us from distributing X Software products with this software in it.

If you live in a country where you are allowed to use freely available DVD software such as DVDFab HD Decrypter or DVD43, you can download it and use it for purposes permitted in your country. If permitted, you can go to www.google.com or another favorite search engine to locate, download and install such software.


Q: Are the DVDX products compatible with most DVD drives and media?


A: Yes, X Software provides the industry's most advanced backup technology. X Software constantly updates all of their products to ensure their compatibility with the latest DVD burner hardware and blank disc media technologies. In fact, they are the only company you will find that offers a 90-day unconditional guarantee. Not a "risk free" trial or other conditional guarantee. Only software products with a very high compatibility and burn success rate can make this claim - this is what make the DVDX backup series unique.



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