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How Do I Back Up a PS2 Game Disc

PS2 game discs come in 2 different formats:


  1. Put your PS2 disc into source CD-ROM/DVD-ROM. Then Using Alcohol 120% Image Making Wizard.

  2. Please choose datatype as Playstation 2, then starting making image file.

  3. If you have writer, you can burn this image file to CD-R But please pay attention as you must choose datatype as Playstation 2.

PS2 DVD (Note: Some PS2 DVD Game Discs are protected by CSS if your disc does not have this protection skip to -2)

  1. Alcohol 120% doesn't support DeCSS function, so you must use another software to DeCSS like AnyDVD.
    Put your PS2 DVD Disc into your DVD-ROM, then running AnyDVD, choose source DVD-ROM.

  2. After bypassing the CSS protection (if applicable) on your PS2 game, use Alcohol 120% Image Making Wizard to make an image file. (You don't need to choose a Datatype)

Alcohol 120% - PS2 Game Image Wizard


Select where you want Alcohol to place your Image File and the name for your image (its best to leave the name as it is shown on the original Disc.) Click "Start"

Alcohol 120% - PS2 Game Image Wizard

Depending on the size of the game and the speed you have selected will depend on how long it takes to create the image.  If you get any error messages at this stage be sure that the source disc is not badly scratched or dirty. When image is created click on "Finish"

Alcohol 120% - PS2 Game Image Wizard


Now that you have your image you will need to burn it (You will need a DVD writer for this) Click on "Image Burning Wizard" and select the image you just created. choose if you want to delete the image after the writing process by checking the little box. Click "Next"

Alcohol 120% - PS2 Game Image Wizard


If your happy with everything just go ahead and click "Start" In this image you will see I selected to "Simulated Write" this was purely because at this time I was down to my last DVD-R Disc. You can select Simulate to be sure that everything is going to be ok. or you can ignore this.

Alcohol 120% - PS2 Game Image Wizard


Once the recording process is complete, you can click on "View Log" if it contains errors you can mail this to support who will be able to tell you why the errors occurred and give you a solution. (This also goes for the image creation log)

Alcohol 120% - PS2 Game Image Wizard


As you can see there were no errors reported in this image burning log.

Take your burned back up disc put it in your chipped/bootdisc option Playstation and have fun, put your expensive original back in its box and in a safe place ready for if the kids manage to destroy your not so expensive back-up.

Note: This will only work if you have a modchip or another Mod system installed. No software is capable of making a backup of a PS2 game that does not require a modchip or other hardware Mod.

Other Notes:

The primary copy protection on a Sony PlayStation uses bad blocks on the CD. Most consumer CD recorders automatically fix a bad block before writing it to the CD-R. The PlayStation searches for the bad blocks and won't run the game if they exist.

As a secondary protection, all games are manufactured with a country code. If the country code on the game doesn't match that of the PlayStation, the game won't load

You can play a backup game on earlier versions of the PlayStation by first booting with an original PlayStation disk, then swapping it for the backup.

The only other way to play a non-working backup is to add a modchip to your PlayStation so that you fool it into thinking the backup has the proper country code and bad blocks.




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