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DVD Tutorials and Articles - Learn how to copy, rip, convert and burn DVDs

Software Tutorials and Reviews

DVD Hardware Information

  • LightScribe Technology
    Create Silkscreen-quality Labels for all your CDs and DVDs, Right From your Computer.

  • Blu Ray Disc Information

  • Blu Ray Disc - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Blue Highways - All signs point to a hi-def future as long as we're still delivering content on shiny discs, we'll need a DVD-or worthy successor-that can handle hi-def content. Two blue laser-based formats, Blu-ray and HD-DVD, suggest different, equally likely roads to the same destination. Both have powerful backing, with NEC, Sanyo, and Toshiba on the HD-DVD side and Sony, Philips, and Pioneer on the Blu-ray side. Many questions remain: How do the formats differ? Which one will win out? And who will decide?

  • DVD+R Double Layer (DL) FAQ
    Imagine being able to record 4 hours instead of 2 hours of the highest quality DVD video on a disc. Or to store 8.5 gigabytes, equaling about 12 fully recorded CD-Rs, instead of 4.7 gigabytes, on a single sided DVD. All this is possible, here and now, with the advent of DVD+R Double Layer recording technology. Based on the proven double layer technology that has been used in DVD-Video for many years, DVD+R DL almost doubles the recording capacity when compared to traditional DVD recording media. And because the disc is single sided, there’s no need to flip it over halfway through playback or recording.

  • Understanding Dual Layer DVD Recording
    Dual layer DVD technology is not new. Commonly called “DVD9,” Hollywood has been churning out major motion pictures on stamped dual layer DVD Discs for years. How else could they include the full length movie plus all the bonus materials commonly found on today’s DVDs? Because dual layer technology has always been part of the DVD specifications, dual layer DVD Recording on the desktop is the natural progression of single layer 4.7GB recordable technology.

  • DVD Recorder FAQs
    It is safe to say that the era of the VCR is slowly drawing to a close (although VCRs will be around for quite some time) and the era of the DVD is now solidly entrenched, especially now that recordable DVD is available.

  • A primer for transferring your tape collection to DVD
    So, you're considering the purchase of a DVD burner with the idea of preserving your aging tape collection to DVD. Certainly it's a good idea as most tape technologies begin to lose the ability to hold the recording over time.

  • What to Look For in Your Next DVD Player
    If you are looking to buy a new DVD Player or buy your first one, check out this quick six point purchase guide highlighting what to look for in a DVD player.

  • The TREND for DVD Recording Hardware and Software
    You are probably already aware that a standard DVD can store up to 4.7GB of data; which is 7 times as much as a normal CD. Due to this storage capacity, DVDs are able to store high quality video (MPEG-2) and audio contents. For the most part of the 90's, DVD movie production was something attainable only by professional movie production studios and was kept out of reach of the average person.

  • Understanding PC Hardware Requirements for Video Editing
    The Personal Computer has come along way since its inception and is now a central component in many household's across the globe. However, as far as the PC has come over the years it is only with recent advancements in technology and PC hardware, that the average home computer has been able to enter the realm of digital home entertainment.

General DVD Information and FAQs

  • DVD Authoring Or How to Burn a DVD Without Getting Burned
    Confused about DVD authoring and how to easily burn a DVD of your favorite home videos or client videos? The hardware and software for DVD authoring and DVD burning can now be purchased for as little as a few hundred dollars, but in some respects the process of successful DVD burning can seem as mysterious as it did in 2000 when a low-end DVD authoring system would have added perhaps $20,000 to the price of your computer.

  • How to Improve DVD Playback on Your PC
    What can you do about prevent the DVD decoding software from running out of CPU time? There are a few things you should always do before watching DVD movies on your computer

  • DVD/CD Labeling Options

  • Can I still purchase DVD X Copy Platinum? Is it legal to buy?

  • DVD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers

  • Part 1: The Need for System Backups

  • Part 2: The Need for a Backup Strategy

  • Part 3: Guide to Buying Backup Software

  • Part 4: Guide to Buying Backup Software - WinBackup v2.0

  • Don't Be Stumped By DVD Standards
    2002 is the year a number of manufacturers have released, or will release, DVD burners, allowing consumers the ability to burn their own DVDs with a computer for the first time ever.

  • DVD Terms and Glossary
    Find out what such terms as VOB, MPEG, Bit Rate and Authoring mean.

  • Make your own DVD Movies
    As technology advances and prices continue to drop, digital entertainment through the use of DV camcorders, digital cameras and other related equipment is becoming increasingly more common in the average home. Research shows that digital camcorders are in a period of high growth.

  • DivX - The Present and Future
    DivX technology was first introduced to the public about 3 years ago, and at that time the technology was designed for the video especially for video enthusiasts. Aside from the "average" video quality, users were generally not very impressed with DivX technology, because it consumed a lot of computer processing power and the format was not supported by the majority of home entertainment devices. Yet more recently this situation has started to change.

  • DVD Backup Made Easy
    If you are running backups on a regular basis, you have probably come across the problem that CDRs or CDRWs are simply to small for some backups. While you could split your backups to multiple CDs, this is not a very good solution if you have to backup 10GBs of data.

  • System Backups - How to Avoid a Disaster
    Creating backups of important files on a regular basis is probably one of the easiest and cheapest ways to protect hours of work and personal files from all sorts of technical disasters. Still, billions of dollars are lost every year because of technical problems and loss of data.

  • Transferring Videotapes to DVD
    If you’re like most people, you have a VCR. Specifically you have a VHS format VCR and if you’re like me, a huge collection of pre-recorded movies and tapes of your favorite television shows. A problem the big networks have been facing will soon be yours. Videotape doesn’t last forever.

  • DVD Copy Wars
    When VHS and Sony Beta tape cassette recorders were introduced into the consumer market in the 1970’s, the entertainment industry went crazy. Lawsuits claimed that copyrights were being violated in mass by the general public. The entertainment industry claimed that they would be doomed unless Congress acted immediately. Imagine…people would actually record television broadcasts!

  • DVD Formats Explained
    DVD which in the past has been called Digital Video Disc, but is more commonly referred to as Digital Versatile Disc is one of the fastest growing consumer electronic products in history.  With that are a number of competing formats looking to become the de-facto standard, the way that CD-R/W has become in the computer industry. 

  • No Stutter DVD Playback
    Find out how you can ensure smooth DVD playback when watching your DVDs.

  • DivX Problem Guide
    Find out how to reduce frame-skipping and stutter when playing DivX Movies!

  • DVD Experts Guide
    DVD Copying Guide, Creating VCDs, Converting VHS to Digital Video, DVD SmartRipper Guide.

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