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DVD Burning Guide: Copy a DVD-9 to DVDR with DVDXPlatinum

This guide shows you how to Copy a DVD-9 movie to DVDR with X Software's DVDXPlatinum. DVDXPlatinum gives you the option of a simple or advanced backup. The advanced option will be covered in this DVD burning guide.

Introduction & Requirements

DVDXPlatinum - You will need to purchase DVDXPlatinum for this guide.
DVD Decrypter or DVD43 or DVDFab HD Decrypter - This is needed to rip your DVD's to your Hard Disk Drive and remove copy protection.

Please make sure that you have installed and activated DVDXPlatinum correctly and also rebooted your computer afterwards. Please make sure that you have enough space on your Hard Drive for this backup process (15GB is safe). If you are trying to backup a copy of a retail movie you bought, it may be protected with CSS (Content Scrambling System). In some countries, like the United States, it is legal to make a backup copy of a movie your purchased but it is illegal to sell or distribute software that can circumvent copy protection mechanisms, like CSS, therefore DVDXPlatinum cannot backup DVD's with CSS protection. However, you can use other programs such as DVD Decrypter to rip your DVD's first to your Hard Drive with the CSS protection removed. This way, DVDXPlatinum can then read the unencrypted files directly from your Hard Drive. Therefore the first step in this guide will be ripping the DVD with DVD Decrypter.

Ripping DVD's with DVD Decrypter

This is what you will first get when you run DVD Decrypter. There will also be a DVD Decrypter Log below this. You can use DVD Decrypter to Rip the DVD files to your HDD or you can use it to Rip an ISO image of the DVD. However the first thing you will need to do is make sure that Source is set to the DVD Drive you will be using to Rip the DVD. Now insert your DVD and you should see a list of files appear.







Set to File Mode

As mentioned earlier you can use DVD Decrypter to rip either the DVD files to your HDD or to Rip an ISO image of the DVD to your HDD. We will want it to rip just the files so in order to set it to File mode, click Mode --> File. It may already be set to file by default.


Select Destination Folder

You have to select a Destination folder for all the DVD files to go. To set the folder click the little folder icon under Destination and a little file browser will pop up. Make sure that you select a partition with enough disk space for the entire DVD as DVD's can reach over 8GB in size. If you need to create a folder, there is a Create New Folder button on the File Browser. When you find the folder you want the files saved into, select it and click OK.


All that is now left to do is click the button to Rip your DVD. The ripping could take anything from 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on the speed of your hardware and of course the quality of the DVD. Repeat these steps to rip your next DVD(s) as well.

Compressing with DVDXPlatinum

This section shows you how to compress and burn your DVD-9 to a DVDR with DVDXPlatinum.

DVDXPlatinum Main Window

There are five buttons on the DVDXPlatinum main window. Simple will launch DVDXPress, and close DVDXPlatinum. You can read a guide on DVDXPress here. Advanced will start an advanced backup session. TDF library allows you to load TDF files that you may have saved while previously using the program. The list that will appear depends on whether you have a TDF file associated with the DVD in the drive or not. Settings allows you to change some program settings, we'll do that in a moment. X Software launches the X Software website. First we will look at the Settings.








DVDXPlatinum Settings

There are only a few settings we can change with DVDXPlatinum. Select DVD Burner will list all the DVD burners attached to your computer, you can select a default if there is more than one. Temporary lets you specify a folder on your Hard Disk Drive to store temporary files while the the backup is in progress. TDF folder lets you specify where TDF files will be saved to. DVD Info Folder lets you choose a folder where DVD information such as process logs will be stored. There are two more extra options also. Suspend Screensaver while copying a DVD should always be selected as screensavers can slow down the process. Play sounds when reading and writing is completed, is entirely up to you, I like to have a sound played when each process completes. Save as default will allow you to save the settings as the programs default settings. Now that we have done that, click Advanced to begin the backup process.








From Folder or From DVD Drive?

As mentioned at the start of the guide, some DVD's are protected with CSS. For this reason you may have had to rip your DVD to your Hard Disk Drive with DVD Decrypter. If you didn't then you can still rip from an unprotected DVD with DVDXPlatinum. Wait a few seconds and it should read the DVD for you. If you ripped the DVD to a folder, use the Browse button to locate that folder. If you get a CSS message and you already ripped your DVD to the Hard Disc, then remove the DVD from your DVD drive and click Advanced again, then click Browse. If you get the CSS message and you haven't already ripped to the Hard Disk, then go back to the last page and rip your DVD first.

Select Titles to Keep

This window allows you to choose what titles you want to keep on your resulting DVD. When you see this screen for the first time the Compression and Write DVD buttons will be unclickable. You can start selecting Titles to keep by ticking the checkbox beside the TitleSet. You will see beside the Title list, the number of Video, Audio and Subtitle tracks that will be on your DVD. The Double Layer option is for those who are lucky enough to have DL DVD burners and DL media, and don't require any compression to copy the DVD successfully.

When the DVD Size passes over 4.36GB, you will see the Compression button can now be clicked. You will also notice the Use Compression option will be active and will be selected, if you were to unselect this the program would split the DVD into two discs instead. Preview video allows you preview any selected title. Check for TDF checks all your saved TDF files that are associated with this particular DVD. Save TDF lets you save a TDF file. Click Next to get to the Compression Screen.






The Compression Window

The compression window shows you the rates of compression on each of the TitleSets that you choose to keep on your DVD. You can do some small adjusting with DVDXPlatinum. You can select a TitleSet and drag the slider under the Compress TitleSet bar to attempt to change the compression. This might not always be possible. Once you adjust one, it's possible for the program to automatically adjust another. To stop a TitleSet from being automatically adjusted, select it and tick the Lock TitleSet checkbox. Overall Compression Meter simply shows the overall compression that is required. Click the Next button to begin the process.




Write DVD

Firstly, the program will read your DVD, then begin writing it to your blank media. If your blank media is re-writable and already has data on it, it will be formatted before the writing process begins. The time this process will take, depends on the speed of your computer and the speed of your DVD burner.

Source: Afterdawn.com


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