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DVD Ripper Solutions and Your Fair Use Rights!


Does your DVD backup software not allow you to copy CSS-protected movies? Are you getting strange error messages telling you that the DVD movie you are copying is CSS-protected?

What's the solution? Well, there is always a solution for every problem... most DVD backup and copy software cannot read CSS-encrypted data during the backup process. This may seem like a problem, but in actual fact, there are numerous DVD rippers available on the Internet that will allow you to continue to make backup copies of DVD movies that you own using DVD burner software that does not contain a DVD ripper.

So really, nothing changes. If you live in a country where your laws allow you to use DVD ripper software, you can utilize third-party DVD ripper/CSS decrypter software.


DVD Ripper/CSS Solution #1:

The solution DVD43. This is a tiny and
*free* program, about 500KB, that runs behind the scenes which will read copy-protection mechanisms found on DVD movie discs (mainly CSS). Because this program runs in the background, you can use 1 Click DVD Copy, CloneDVD, CopyToDVD or Pro DVD to DVD Copy, to backup your DVD movies. DVD43 also requires the Patin-Couffin access layer to be installed on system in order to access your DVD drive on lowest possible level. You can find the Patin-Couffin access layer here. Just install Patin-Couffin, followed by DVD43 and restart your computer.


DVD Ripper/CSS Solution #2:

Another software solution is AnyDVD or DVD Region Free, which are software drivers that among many features read CSS protected DVD movies automatically in the background. These programs also works well with 1 Click DVD Copy, CloneDVD, CopyToDVD and Pro DVD to DVD Copy.

It's actually fairly simple! There is no reason why you cannot protect your DVD movies that you spent your money on.  Especially if you have children or happen to take your DVDs with you on your travels, who wants to lose their expensive original DVDs when you can protect them by making a simple DVD movie backup?

Please review our DVD Copy Software Review and Software Selection Guide for other affordable DVD backup software solutions and don't hesitate to contact us if you need some assistance in deciding what software to purchase!

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Learn more about your fair use rights! ProtectFairUse.org is fighting to protect consumers' fair use rights in the digital age!

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