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DVD neXt Copy neXt Tech- Burn Perfect Copies of your DVD movies to one DVD and recover damaged DVD movies! Now copies DVDs to your iPhone/iPad!

Redesigned and reengineered, DVD neXt Copy neXt Tech is the latest entry in the DVD movie backup technology market. Speed, ease of use and one-click convenience you can now copy all your DVD movies single or dual layer DVDs without any compression at all.

Whether you want a straight forward DVD backup or want to customize exactly what you want to copy, DVD Next Copy has every user covered.

Using the Simple Mode, the software default is set to copy the whole DVD movie disc with all special features, trailers, etc., to a single layer 4.7GB disc, using one single layer DVD burner. You do not need to change the settings in this mode. Insert the movie you wish to copy into the DVD burner. Run DVDneXt COPY by clicking on either the desktop icon or DVD neXt COPY in the start menu.

Other times you may want to pick and choose what you want to copy, especially as DVDs get larger and have extra content that you may not want to copy. In this case, Custom Mode will allow you to preview and deselect any Title Sets or Audio and Subtitle Tracks. Of course, you may click on and preview selected tracks in the Preview Window while scanning in fast forward or reverse. This ensures that you know exactly what video you may or may not want to copy.

neXt Tech™ handles the latest DVD copying protection schemes

There are constant changes to DVD equipment, movies, formats, etc. That is why DVD neXt COPY is updated frequently to meet the challenges of keeping up with the neXt DVD technology as it is released. With neXt Tech™, the software is constantly updated to work with the latest DVD burners and players and to identify and fix the next variations of bad sectors or DVD structures as new DVDs movies are released every week.

Here is an interesting news story covering DVD Next Copy:


What are some other great things about DVD Next Copy:

  • Copy movies to your hard drive so that you can make multiple copies without having to go through the whole copying process over and over or if you travel a lot, you can watch them on your laptop. In addition, you can share your movies across your home network with our users.

  • User Profiles lets you save different settings whether it is language, subtitles, quality rates, DVD size etc.  You may have different preferences depending on the DVD you are copying.  This comes in handy if you are copying international DVDs or episodic DVDs where you want them to be copied in unique ways.

  • Your personal Project Library lets you burn or delete a previously saved projects.  Your project library can store DVD images (Video_TS Folder), or an ISO DVD format.

  • No hassle, 90-day money back guarantee.   Most software companies do not offer such a guarantee and once you buy, good luck getting a refund should you have any problems.  This is not the case when you buy DVD Next Copy.

Protect your DVD Movie Collection

Backing up your DVD movies makes you a smart consumer! In today's world DVD movies are extremely sensitive to damage. In a recent study, 1,600 DVD owners were asked how they lose or damage their DVD movies and here's what they said:

Protect your DVD Movie Collection with DVDXCopy

Buying DVD neXt Copy neXt Tech is like having an insurance policy that will pay you back instantly.  You spend your hard earned dollars on building your DVD movie collection and now DVD neXt Copy makes it a breeze to safeguard all you from the dangers that face your DVD movies!

DVD neXT Copy Screenshot:

DVD Next Copy neXt Tech DVD Movie Copying

DVD neXt Copy neXt Tech Software Features:

  • Copy all your DVD movies (requires a third-party plug-in such as DVD43 or DVDFab HD Decrypter).

  • Copy DVD movies directly to iPod/iPad/iPhone, PS3, Zune, PSP

  • Virtual Player for improved DVD analyzing of new DVD movies

  • Ability to Disable Fast Play function on DVD movies

  • Activation system for easy license transfer between computers

  • Copy VideoDVD to BluRay (Copy up to 10 VideoDVDs on 1 BluRay) (Industry First)

  • Advanced title selection lets you choose what to copy including the ability to select/deselect specific titles (ie. Trailers, FBI Warning, Extra Features)

  • Preview tracks ensures that you know what scenes you are including/excluding from your personal copy

  • User profiles lets you create and store DVD copying preferences

  • Burn DVD movies to DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W) Discs.

  • Do you have two DVD burners? Copy directly from the DVD movie to a blank DVD

  • Copies Special Features (Movie Trailers, Commentary, etc.)

  • Copies Full Multi-Channel Audio (Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS)

  • Copies Every Language Available on Original DVD Movie

  • Copies DVD Movie to One Blank Disc (No Need to Split)

  • Copies Episodic DVD Movies (The Simpsons, The Sopranos, Lost, 24 etc.)

  • Make copies of your DVD backups which most other DVD copying software will not let you do.

  • Copy DVD movies to your hard drive for playback on your laptop

  • Convert all know DiskImage Types to ISO (to open with DVDneXtCOPY)

  • Burn all known DiskImage Types with DVDneXtCOPY

  • Burn own DiskImageTypes with DVDneXtCOPY

  • Integrated BluRay Browser for XP

  • Preview tracks before and during copying

  • Remove RCE region protection lets you copy DVDs regardless of where in the world you bought your DVDs

  • Supports all Blu ray, Dual Layer and Single Layer disc and burners

  • Limited DVD disc recovery from scratches and damaged discs

  • BONUS: DVD neXt COPY Virtual Drive - a virtual CD and DVD-ROM drive emulates audio, data, and game CDs and DVDs using ISO image, BIN, CD and DVD images.

  • Free trial download

  • No questions asked, 90 day satisfaction guarantee or get 100% of your money back!

You can install and activate it immediately and start burning your DVD movies knowing that if you're not completely happy with your purchase, get a full, no-hassle, refund anytime within 90 days of your purchase.


Also Available: DVD neXt Copy Ultimate - Combines the highest possible quality and speed to produce perfect copies of all your favourite DVD movies. It comes packed with features to copy DVD movies to DVD,  PSP, Zune your computer hard drive and more. It also has the ability to copy up to 10 standard DVD movies to 1 Blu-ray Disc (an industry first). This latest version now utilizes neXt Tech™ error correction technology to ensure the highest level of success copying and the greatest quality of the latest generation of DVD movies. 100% Guarantee Offer.  Get a full refund if you aren't satisfied. More Info :: Buy Now


Free Download Buy DVD Next Copy Now!


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