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Check out the DVD Copy Software Review and Selection Guide and the DVD Burner Hardware Review and Guide for help in choose the software that is right for you.

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DVD neXt Copy neXt Tech

DVD neXt Copy neXt Tech represents an evolution in the DVD movie backup technology market. Speed, ease of use and one-click convenience you can now copy all the latest DVD movies with the newest copy protection as well as dual layer DVDs without any compression at all.

  • Copy all your DVD movies directly to iPod/iPad/iPhone, PS3, PSP

  • Copy VideoDVD to BluRay (Copy up to 10 VideoDVDs on 1 BluRay)

  • Burn DVD movies to DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W) Discs.

  • Copies Special Features (Movie Trailers, Commentary, etc.)

  • Copies Full Multi-Channel Audio (Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS)

  • Copies Every Language Available on Original DVD Movie

  • Copies Episodic DVD Movies (The Simpsons, The Sopranos, Lost, 24 etc.)

  • Specify Which Special Feature to Keep or Remove

  • Make Copies of your backup Copies

  • Save DVD movies to your Computer

  • Preview tracks before and during copying

  • Remove region protection

  • Supports all Dual Layer and Single Layer disc and burners

  • 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Learn More about DVD neXt Copy neXt Tech :: Buy DVD neXt Copy neXt Tech

1Click DVD Copy PRO

1 Click DVD Copy - Backup your DVD movies with this DVD Backup Software

Also available: 1Click DVD Copy

1Click DVD Copy PRO  is a solid DVD copying product that allows you to make high quality backup copies of your DVD movies. You won't find a simpler DVD backup utility than 1Click DVD Copy. Best of all, the  proprietary transcoding technology ensures perfect video quality. And now you have complete control over the final DVD movie copy. Use the Copy Presets™ or the more advanced features to look inside your DVD movie and select what content will be copied and how much compression will be used for each titleset/chapter (scenes).

  • New! With CPRx™ technology for copying the newest DVD movies.

  • Make high quality 1:1 backup copies of all your DVD movies.

  • Copy Presets - One click preset for each type of DVD copy.  Presets include movie only, movie and extras, episodic DVDs, full DVD, exact copy.

  • Choose to include or exclude movie and menus based on preview.

  • Select individual DVD content including audio, video, and subtitles streams you want to copy.

  • Fit your entire DVD movie onto just one disc (No need for 2 discs).

  • Copy special features, menus, subtitles and languages.

  • Burn data or DVD video on a DVD (with VSO's CopyToDVD)

  • No warning messages or anti-piracy tracking codes added to your copy.

  • Make a backup copy of your backup!

  • Free Bonus: VSO's world famous "CopyToDVD" CD/DVD burning software burns data, video, or music on a CD/DVD.

Learn More About 1Click DVD Copy PRO :: Buy 1Click DVD Copy PRO

DVD Cloner

DVD-Cloner Platinum

DVD Cloner makes backing up your copy-protected DVD movies simple. With your DVD burner and DVD Cloner software, you pop in the DVD you want to copy in your DVD-ROM and a blank DVD in your DVD Burner and click the button to start the DVD burning process. Plus, DVD Cloner is one of the few DVD backup software titles that has a built-in CSS/DVD Ripper.  You do not need to download a separate program like DVD43 or AnyDVD. 

  • Adjust the chapter compression rate to squeeze more video onto your blank DVD. You pick the parts of the movie you want to compress. Good for burning dual layer DVD movies onto a single layer blank DVD.

  • Copy Episodic DVDs such as Family Guy, Lost, 24, Seinfeld.

  • Choose your favorite title & chapter & subtitle & audio copy that you want to copy. And preview your favorite chapter.

  • DVD to DVD burner - With a DVD burner, you will get a true DVD copy instead of a VCD or SVCD. Your copy will be the same as your original DVD!

  • Integrates a DVD ripper/decryptor which lets you backup copy-protected DVD movies without any additional downloads!

  • Easy to Use - No complicated parameter settings to decipher, just a simple click.. and your favorite DVD is burned to DVD, a one to one DVD copy.

  • Burn a DVD9 to DVD5 - fits most DVD movies to one blank DVD.

  • Copy your DVD movie to your hard drive

  • Supports for the backup of Blu-Ray/HD DVDs

  • No watermark, no warning screen and no tracing even after copying from a copied DVD movie.

Learn More about DVD Cloner :: Buy DVD Cloner

Acoustica MP3 CD Burner

Burn music & MP3 CDs. Squeeze 200 MP3s on a CD or 1000 MP3s on a DVD!

Acoustica MP3 CD Burner is intuitive music burning software! Not only will it burn your music in the order you want it, but it will let you edit each song to get rid of silence, extra long applauses or fade in and out incomplete songs! Boost or EQ each song individually so that you don't have to constantly adjust the volume dial on your stereo! Burn all the major types of audio files, including MP3, OGG, WMA and WAV. Rip your CDs to make your own MP3, OGG, WMA or WAVs! Squeeze 200 songs on a CD or 1000 songs on a DVD! This software was designed to be easy to use to get the job done!

  • Burn 200 songs on your CDs or 1000 songs on a DVD!

  • Preserve the order of your songs on MP3 CDs & DVDs!

  • Auto-convert unsupported song types for your MP3 CD Player.

  • Burns standard music CDs to play in your home or car.

  • Rip your CDs to MP3, WAV or WMA! (Automatically tags them via FREEDB).

  • Organize the music on your computer via drag and drop.

  • Auto-detection of incomplete songs.

  • Specify exact amount of silence between tracks.

  • Mix (segue) between adjacent tracks if desired.

  • Automatically trims silence from the beginning or end of songs.

Learn More about Acoustica MP3 CD Burner :: Buy Acoustica MP3 CD Burner

Audio DVD Creator

Audio DVD Creator - Burn MP3s to DVD!

Audio DVD Creator is a revolutionary tool that changes the way you listen to your favorite music. You can create DVD disc compiled from normal Audio CDs and MP3 files, and play it on any DVD player since it's DVD-Video compliant. You can choose the audio format from high quality (up to 6 hours PCM 48kHz/16bits) or high quantity (up to 45 hours AC3 192kbps).

  • Put several (about 5-6) Audio CDs on one DVD with perfect audio quality.

  • Put thousands of MP3 files on one DVD.

  • Burn the Audio DVD to DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW.

  • Export the Audio DVD to hard disk folder.

  • Output format is DVD-Video compliant, so that it can be played by any DVD player.

  • Rip Audio CD to WAV files, and import them to Audio DVD directly.

  • Preview shows an overview of your audio DVD.

  • Save/Load your project, and edit it anytime.

  • Blazing fast speed, only need about 30 minutes to create a PCM format Audio DVD.

  • For AC3 format, it may need several hours.

  • Easy to use: the wizard will guide you step by step - very suitable for beginners!

Learn More About Audio DVD Creator :: Buy Audio DVD Creator


Roxio Creator


Roxio Creator enables you to do more with your digital media because it's faster, more flexible and more compatible than ever before! With fully integrated technology from over twenty premium products, Roxio Creator enables you to edit, back up, burn and copy all of your video, photos, music, and data seamlessly. So, whether you are sharing your favorite memories with friends and family, or archiving and preserving your valuable data for future use, Roxio Creator is still (and always) the best choice for easy access to powerful burning software.

  • Send your music to a mobile phone, PSP, iPod or Windows® Media portable player

  • Upload selected content to your multimedia mobile phones through a USB or Bluetooth® connection.

  • Copy/rip tracks from an audio CD

  • Download internet streaming music

  • Convert audio from LPs or tapes

  • Convert music from LPs and tapes into mp3 or WMA format - remove pops and hiss

  • CineMagic - automatically edits your video to sync with the music track

  • Burn large files & folders to multiple discs

  • Archive your precious data

  • Copy an entire DVD-Video (non copy-protected DVD movies) or just the main movie and selected languages for optimal quality

  • Capture utility compatible with digital cameras, video camcorders, scanners, CDs & DVDs

  • Create multimedia slide shows and burn to disc

  • and more...

Learn More about Roxio Creator :: Buy Roxio Creator


Discontinued Software: DVDXTREME / CloneDVD / DVD X Platinum / DVDXGold / DVDXpress

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