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1 Click DVD Copy and CPRx error correction technology - A reliable solution to burn the latest DVD movies

Most DVD copying users use a popular decrypter called DVD43. Up until the last few months, DVD43 did a reasonably good job of not only decrypting, but also removing some new forms of “copy protection” such as Arccos. However, DVD43 fell way behind in its ability to deal with copy protection on new DVD releases and has now stopped handling copy protection schemes like Arccos. This caused a lot of grief for users of DVD copy software which depend on this third party decrypter to handle copy protection.

At this time the most recent version of DVD43 (version 3.8.0) is now just a simple decrypter, which only removes CSS and Macrovision copy protection, something it does well.

LG Software Innovations, the makers of 1 Click DVD Copy and 1 Click DVD Copy PRO  have been providing users the ability to deal with bad sectors and bad DVD authoring (aka CPRx) when using 1 Click DVD Copy and 1 Click DVD Copy PRO.

Before explaining what CPRx (Copy Protection Removal) technology is and how it works, you need to understand how DVD “copy protection” is used. According to the DVD specification, there are two types of copy protection available:

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  1. Content Scrambling System (CSS) - Almost all DVDs are encoded with CSS, which is a digital encryption scheme. DVD players can play DVDs encrypted with CSS because they each have a key to unlock the information on the DVD. Another way to think of CSS is a locked door. DVD players can unlock the door. Similarly, a software decrypting program can unlock the DVD and permit to a DVD copy application.

  2. Macrovision - Many DVDs contain Macrovision, an analog copy protection. When a DVD player plays a DVD encoded with Macrovision, the DVD player will output a video signal which is incompatible with analog recoding devices, such as VHS tape recorders. Macrovision is not a digital protection, so it has no effect on software which is designed to copy a DVD.

Most mainstream DVD copy applications depend on third party decrypting applications to remove CSS and Macrovision from the DVD. The removal is done on the fly (while copying takes place) by tools like DVD43 or DVDFab HD Decrypter, or as a separate process which rips the DVD contents to a hard drive folder (using tools like DVD Decrypter) prior to the DVD being copied. Both CSS and Macrovision are static entities which cannot change. If they could change, hundreds of millions of DVD players would not know how to play the modified DVDs. So this brings up a couple of interesting questions. Why do a lot of new DVD releases now claim to be “Copy Protected”? What is this new copy protection and how does it affect a DVD copy application?

The fact is there are no new “copy protections”. To create a new copy protection, you would also have1 Click DVD Copy PRO - Click to enlarge screenshot to change the way a DVD player works.

DVD players must all conform to rigid specifications to ensure proper playback. A new copy protection cannot be introduced unless the DVD player specification changes.

You can however author a DVD (the process of writing the original DVD) in such a way as to make it difficult to copy if you exploit weaknesses in the design of DVD copy software. A great deal of effort has been spent on trying to make new DVD movies difficult to copy, but still playable on a DVD player. Some simple examples are the inclusion of bad sectors (defects analogous to scratches) or bad DVD structure (adding bogus content to a DVD) which are blatant attempts to inhibit archival programs from making backup copies of the DVD.

Marketing names have been assigned to many of these novel authoring techniques, most notably “Sony Arccos, Macovision Rip Guard, Settec Alpha-DVD and Augs Puppet Lock. None of these authoring techniques constitute real copy protection, simply because the DVD player is totally unaware of their existence and as such, they are only annoyances to DVD copy applications. If you attempt to copy a DVD which incorporates one of these authoring techniques, it may fail during the copy process (often due to bad sectors on the disc) or it may fail to play back correctly because of bad DVD authoring on the original. One solution is to use a DVD copy application like 1 Click DVD Copy or 1 Click DVD Copy PRO which incorporates CPRx error correction technology.

CPRx (Copy Protection Removal) Technology Separates 1 Click DVD Copy Software from the Rest of the Industry

CPRx technology now sets 1 Click DVD Copy and 1 Click DVD Copy PRO  apart from the rest in the industry. This technology permits 1 Click DVD Copy and 1 Click DVD Copy PRO software to copy virtually every DVD in circulation. The intention is to continue to provide frequent updates going forward to ensure the software can retain this capability.

Most other DVD copying software claim to be able to copy ALL the latest DVD movies, but are they telling you the truth? Beware of companies selling DVD software rip-offs that can't copy even half the time.

CPRx technology is an innovative solution for copying new DVD movies which have bad sectors or bad DVD structure. Users of 1 Click DVD Copy and 1 Click DVD Copy PRO have access to frequent updates via internet download to ensure they retain this capability. Users must continue to use a third party decrypting application such as DVD43 or DVDFab HD Decrypter to “unlock the door” to the DVD, but once the door is open, the software can now ensure the highest level of success when making a backup copy of a DVD movie. CPRx technology also helps to ensure that the DVD will play back correctly on your home DVD player, something which is often overlooked until it’s time to watch the backup copy.

Learn more about 1 Click DVD Copy and 1 Click DVD Copy PRO

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1 Click DVD Copy PRO User Summary:

All the features in 1 Click DVD Copy 5 plus:

  • Copy Presets™ - One click preset for each type of DVD copy. Presets include movie only, movie and extras, episodic DVDs, full DVD, exact copy.

  • Preview the movie, extras and menus.

  • Choose which extras to include or exclude based on preview.

  • Select one or more audio tracks including Dolby Digital AC3 and DTS.

  • Select individual audio, video, and subtitles streams to copy.

  • Select one or more subtitle language tracks.

  • Preserve both aspect ratios on movies with wide screen and full screen.

  • Make additional backup copies without re-copying the DVD.

  • Control the amount of video compression used.

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1 Click DVD Copy 5 User Summary:
  • CPRx™ (Copy Protection Removal) error correction technology.

  • Make a high quality copy of just the movie or include the extras.

  • Copies Episodic DVDs like Friends, The Sopranos or Family Guy etc.

  • Error correction technology to recover scratched and/or damaged DVDs

  • Copy a DVD movie on one disc - no need to split across DVDs

  • Copy extras, menus, subtitles and audio languages

  • Copy 'Movie Only' and preserve menus and chapters

  • Copy a movie from DVD files on your hard disk including downloaded movies.

  • Copy a movie to your hard disk. (Great to watch on your laptop)

  • Free updates and responsive technical support

  • Supports Dual Layer media

  • Free copy of CopytoDVD DVD/CD burning application included.

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