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Applian Replay A/V - Automatically Capture Streaming Video and Audio from over 20,000 TV and Radio shows

Applian Replay A/V - Automatically Capture Streaming Video and Audio from over 20,000 TV and Radio shows

Replay A/V is the most powerful way to capture Streaming Video and Audio, including Radio Shows, Online TV Broadcasts, Video Clips, Audio Archives, and Podcasts. And best of all, it's really easy to use.

Capture All the Best Online Media

Replay A/V makes it easy to save all types of online media. You can record almost any streaming audio and video instantaneously, or schedule recordings to happen automatically later. Plus, the integrated Replay Media Guide lets you pick Radio Shows, Radio Stations, TV Stations and Podcasts to record with a single click. Replay A/V also captures Sirius and XM Online, too!

All the popular formats are supported, including: Windows Media™, Real™, Streaming MP3, Flash Animations and Flash Video. Plus, Replay A/V includes an audio recorder that can snag anything you can hear.

If you have an iPod or another MP3 Player, Replay A/V has some very handy ways to copy files to your device. For iPods, you can make Audiobook files, which let you make bookmarks in long audio files. All recordings can be automatically copied to any MP3 Player or iTunes.

The Most Advanced Recording Technology

Replay A/V is the only software that combines Stream Capture, Audio Recording and an Enhanced Podcast Client in one easy-to-use interface.

Stream Capture lets you save the bits and bytes of streaming audio and video directly from the internet. Replay A/V is the only software that supports Windows Media™, Real™, Flash™, QuickTime™ and Shoutcast™ streams. The benefits of this technology are enormous - you can capture multiple streams simultaneously (10 or more is doable with most broadband connections), and you get perfect reproduction at the smallest possible size. Plus, unlike audio capture programs, no background noises creep into your recordings, and the sound card remains free for normal use. Replay A/V also converts captured audio to MP3, WAV or iPod Audiobook files.

Audio Recording captures anything you can hear on your PC, and saves it to MP3 or other popular formats. This means that you can capture any format, even ones that haven't been invented yet. And it's great for making personal copies Audio Books or other content. You can record XM Radio and Sirius using this method, too. Special output options like Eliminate Dead Air and Compressed Speech make Audio Recording even more useful.

The Enhanced Podcast Client built into Replay A/V gives you extra capabilities the big guys can't do. Any Podcast can be converted to a bookmarkable file on your iPod (so you can return to the place you were last listening). BitTorrent Podcasts are supported. You can download individual episodes with one click. There's a lot more, too.

Replay A/V is Really Easy To Use

It's easy to capture video clips or audio archives. Just click the Stream Capture button, play your clip, and record it now or later.

Setting up scheduled recordings from online radio and tv stations is very simple: Just open the Media Guide within Replay A/V, pick your show, station or Podcast, and it's automatically scheduled for recording. The Integrated Replay Media Guide contains: 1,220 Radio Shows, 5,020 Radio Stations, 25,556 Podcasts, and 515 Online TV stations. You can also use the URL Finder to locate stations not listed in the guide.


Replay A/V records audio in ANY format - if you can hear it you can record it.

For recording streaming video or audio, Replay A/V captures the following formats:

  • Windows Media: HTTP, MMS, RTSP
  • Real: HTTP, RTSP
  • QuickTime: HTTP
  • Flash: SWF
  • Flash Video: FLV
  • AOL Video (NSV)
  • Shoutcast/Live 365 (streaming MP3)

Excellect Customer Service and Technical Support

Applian stands behind Replay A/V with a comprehensive User Guide, FAQ, and great customer service. Visit the Replay A/V support page for help.

FREE Bonus Software

When you purchase Replay A/V, you also get:


  • Replay Player: This handy add-on makes listening on your PC a joy. Pause, skip over ads, fast forward and rewind, or speed up playback. A Pocket PC version is available, too.
  • MP3 Magic: Split, chop, trim and edit your recorded MP3 files with this handy MP3 file editor.
Buy Applian Replay A/V Now!




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