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1Click DVD Copy 5 - An easy way to backup and burn your DVD movies

1 Click DVD Copy - Backup your DVD movies with this DVD Backup Software1Click DVD Copy 5 is a solid DVD software product that allows you to make high quality backup copies of your DVD movies, and has now become one our top recommendations for DVD backup software. And with the latest release, 1Click DVD Copy 5 is 3x faster! Based on numerous DVD copying tests, the typical DVD movie can be copied in 15 minutes or less, making this the fastest DVD burning software tool on the market today!

You'll never need to replace a lost or damaged DVD again.  1Click DVD Copy is simple to install and very easy to use, regardless of your computer experience. Best of all, the video compression technology ensures perfect video quality. Just click the START button to copy a movie, it's that easy! The software handles the appropriate compression settings for you so that you can fit a DVD9 movie onto one blank DVD5! You can also choose whether to include extras, subtitles, menus, and all languages found on the DVD. And now, 1Click DVD Copy supports burning a dual layer DVD9 onto a blank dual layer DVD9.  This ensures an exact backup copy without any loss in compression.

New! With CPRx™ technology, you are ensured of the highest level of success copying the latest generation of DVD movies.

CPRx (Copy Protection Removal)* is a unique and innovative solution to copy new DVD movies which contain bad sectors or bad DVD structure. Many popular DVD movies are now created in such a way as to make it difficult for backup software to copy them properly. This can result in errors during the copy process, or bad playback after the copy is completed.

A number of names have been given to these new techniques to inhibit archival backups, such as Sony Arccos, Macovision Rip Guard, Settec Alpha-DVD and Augs Puppet Lock. None of these schemes are true copy protections (only CSS and Macrovision are described as copy protections in the DVD specification), simply because the DVD player is totally unaware of their existence and as such, they are only annoyances to DVD copy applications. They are simply methods of adding bad sectors (analogous to scratches on a DVD) and bogus content to the DVD.

In order to copy a DVD which has been authored using these new schemes, 1CLICK DVD COPY is the only DVD backup software that now utilizes state of the art CPRx technology to ensure the highest level of success when making an archival backup.

1 Click DVD Copy User Summary:

  • New! With CPRx™ technology for copying the newest DVD movies.

  • 1Click DVD Copy supports copying Dual Layer DVDs. You can now copy and burn dual layer DVD-9 DVDs directly to a blank dual layer DVD9. *Requires a dual layer DVD Burner.

  • On first use, 1 Click DVD Copy will direct you to the appropriate DVD ripper tool that you can download and which integrates into the software so that you can backup copy-protected DVD movies

  • Make perfect quality 1:1 backup copies of all your DVD movies or fit your entire DVD movie onto just one disc (No need for 2 discs). The quality is great and looks crisp when watching it on your TV.

  • You decide whether to copy special features, menus, subtitles and languages, nothing is left off the backup DVD!

  • Copy episodic DVD movies like The Simpsons, Friends or The Sopranos

  • Burn data or DVD video on a DVD (with VSO's CopyToDVD)

  • Burn music CDs from MP3, Ogg Vorbis and WMA files. Copy to DVD 3 - Dual Layer DVD Burner

  • Back up a DVD to your hard disk which is great for playback on your laptop when you are traveling

  • No warning messages or anti-piracy tracking codes added to your copy, plus you can make a backup copy of your backup!

  • Backup NTSC and PAL DVD movies

  • Very responsive technical support ensures that your support questions are answered promptly!

  • Also available - 1Click DVD Copy PRO - more advanced features and DVD movie backup customization!

  • Not sure which version is right for you? Compare 1 Click DVD Copy to 1 Click DVD Copy PRO

Free Bonus ($29.00 retail value): When you purchase 1Click DVD Copy, you'll also receive a FREE copy of VSO Software's CopyToDVD CD/DVD burning software. Burns data, video, or music on a CD/DVD. It also decodes MP3, MWA, Ogg Vorbis and WMA file formats. You can use CopyToDVD for backing up data onto a CD or DVD or for making music CDs.


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Free Download

Buy 1 Click DVD Copy PRO Now!

*Note: 1 Click DVD Copy does not copy CSS-encrypted DVDs. A DVD ripper allows your computer to read CSS-encrypted data on a DVD movie before or during the process of making a backup copy. Due to US laws, most DVD backup software does not contain a “ripper” component. However, if you live in a country where your laws allow you to use DVD ripper software, you can utilize third-party DVD ripper/CSS decrypter software such as DVD43 or DVDFab HD Decrypter in conjunction with 1 Click DVD Copy.


1Click DVD Copy FAQS:

Q. Do you add anything to the copied DVD that can be traced back to my computer?

A. We don't add any copy protection to the DVDs you back up with our 1Click DVD Copy package. Some companies employ copy protection schemes that prevent a DVD from being copied again and also write specific information about your computer on the copied DVD. This information could be used by authorities to trace every DVD you copy, back to you.

Q. Can I copy a DVD to one DVD disk and keep all the extras too?

A. Yes, absolutely. Our recommendation is that you remove extra audio languages and drop the extras when you can, this will allow more space for the feature film and provide you with better video quality. When we refer to extras, we are talking about anything other than the feature movie, which can be played on a standalone DVD player. Some DVDs come with software as well. Software and data files can be copied directly from the DVD to your hard disk using Windows. 1Click DVD Copy is not required to copy these files and is only intended to copy movie files (audio and video).

Q. Why won't most DVD movies fit on a blank DVD without a special copying program?

Most DVD movies that you buy or rent are recorded on "dual layered" commercial grade DVDs. These types of discs are known as "DVD-9" discs and they can hold up to 9 GB of data. Blank DVDs that you buy to copy movies are "single layered" and can only hold 4.7 GB of data. This means that in most cases, to fit a movie onto a single disc (which holds half as much data as the original DVD), you must either remove some of the extras (trailers, directors cuts, extra audio languages) or compress the video to make it all fit on a single disk.

DVD movies are already heavily compressed when you buy them. By increasing the level of compression by a small factor, the whole movie can easily fit on a single DVD and in most cases you will not see any difference compared to the original.

1Click DVD Copy will allow you to back up your DVD movies and gives you the flexibility you need to keep what you want. You can copy just the movie with the menus intact or include the extra features - the choice is yours.


1 Click DVD Copy FAQ

1 Click DVD Copy Support

Compare 1 Click DVD Copy to 1 Click DVD Copy PRO


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